The original Eikos Concepts application

With this easy-to-play game application you can test your knowledge while playing !
Smartscratch is both an entertaining application and an educational tool :

- Accessible :

This is an educational game that you can take anywhere.

- Fun :

* a scratch card game : the less you scratch, the more you win !

* a quiz : SmartScratch offers you 20 situations with a choice of 3 answers to scratch

- Educational :

* answers and comments : A comment follows each answer, to provide you with more information an tips.

* a handy takeaway : once you answered all the questions, SmartScratch unlocks a 10 points takeaway : you will find there all the tips and tricks required to be successful. You can then refer to it at any time.

SmartScratch is an educational game conceived by training professionals.

This application is designed by Eikos Concepts, experts in entertaining pedagogy.

Eikos Concepts is a training organization, also specialized in training animation :

  • communication
  • management
  • project management
  • change management
  • sales and customer relationship
  • personal and collective efficiency

This standalone application can also be used as a complement to a training – mobile learning.

SmartScratch also exists in French, as SmartPuce.

A "renewable" application

You can play with SmartScracth again and again. Thanks to its "Reset", functionality, your SmartScrach will start afresh !


New issues will soon be published in the same collection, about management, sales, time management, project management, …